Do Ardaas from the heart

We do Ardaas prayers to connect to Waheguru Ji.

In Sadh Sangat (congregation of Sikhs) the Ardaas prayer is recited on all occasions. At the Gurdwara, it’s normal practice for the Giani Ji to include blessing requests within the Ardas for various families for many reasons including good health, celebrating a new born baby or new home.

Many Sangat and Amritdhari Sikhs recite the Ardaas themselves to experience a personal connection with Waheguru to receive blessings. In Sikhism it’s important for everyone to recite prayers as and when possible to establish the ultimate goal, a connection to Waheguru. In your darkest moment and happiest state, Waheguru should always be remembered for his blessings.

Using Sikh Blessings you can request an Ardaas prayer to be read by a Giani Ji in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Our aim is to support everyone to have access to the Ardaas and experience the power of prayer in all celebrations and circumstances. We know it’s not easy for everyone to read Gurbani and recite it. We do implore everyone to try, but if you’d prefer a Giani Ji to recite an Ardaas on your behalf our service enables that. 

The Ardaas prayer will be sent to you digitally and can be listened to privately, or with others, such as family, who can also focus on the blessings. You can listen to the recorded prayer whenever you feel the need to, using it to help you connect to Waheguru. Whether you do or don’t understand Gurbani it’s important to listen to the Ardaas and focus your mind on Waheguru and your reasons for the prayer with all your heart.

Every Sikh is on a path to get closer and closer to Waheguru. Whether you are doing an Ardaas on your own, or requesting one from the Gurdwara, Sikh media channels, or online with Sikh Blessings, taking that step is always a positive one towards Waheguru. When choosing Sikh Blessings we will invest into charities and causes using your contribution of £21 or more. We believe that supporting others is important and will enhance the blessings received. If you’re able to contribute more, we will invest more into charity, and into our website and online admin services and send you a link about where your personal investment was used.

There are many benefits to using our service, these are outlined below:

  • Your Ardaas will be recited by an experienced Giani Ji on your behalf for you to listen to
  • Your Ardaas remains private or you can share with others if you prefer
  • You can listen to your Ardaas whenever you feel the need to focus on the blessings you need from Waheguru
  • You can use the Ardaas recording to help you recite Ardaas going forward
  • You can request an Ardaas as a gift for someone else e.g. on their birthday
  • An Ardaas is the perfect way to let someone know they’re in your prayers
  • If you cannot reach the Gurdwara but want to do Ardaas in front of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji our service meets your needs
  • If you want an Ardaas read on a special occasion where a Giani Ji may not be available you could use our service, e.g. visiting a baby in hospital. 

As long as you recite, or listen to Ardaas using your heart your prayers will be heard. With Guru Ji’s Kirpa when you take one step towards Waheguru he will take 1000s towards you and shower you with blessings.

Thank you for reading about our seva (service).

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!