Do Ardaas from the heart

We do Ardaas prayers to connect to Waheguru Ji.

In Sadh Sangat (congregation of Sikhs) the Ardaas prayer is recited on all occasions. At the Gurdwara, it’s normal practice for the Giani Ji to include blessing requests within the Ardas for various families for many reasons including good health, celebrating a new born baby or new home.

Many Sangat and Amritdhari Sikhs recite the Ardaas themselves to experience a personal connection with Waheguru to receive blessings. In Sikhism it’s important for everyone to recite prayers as and when possible to establish the ultimate goal, a connection to Waheguru. In your darkest moment and happiest state, Waheguru should always be remembered for his blessings.

Using Sikh Blessings you can request an Ardaas prayer to be read by a Giani Ji in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Our aim is to support everyone to have access to the Ardaas and experience the power of prayer in all celebrations and circumstances. We know it’s not easy for everyone to read Gurbani and recite it. We do implore everyone to try, but if you’d prefer a Giani Ji to recite an Ardaas on your behalf our service enables that. 

The Ardaas prayer will be sent to you digitally and can be listened to privately, or with others, such as family, who can also focus on the blessings. You can listen to the recorded prayer whenever you feel the need to, using it to help you connect to Waheguru. Whether you do or don’t understand Gurbani it’s important to listen to the Ardaas and focus your mind on Waheguru and your reasons for the prayer with all your heart.

Every Sikh is on a path to get closer and closer to Waheguru. Whether you are doing an Ardaas on your own, or requesting one from the Gurdwara, Sikh media channels, or online with Sikh Blessings, taking that step is always a positive one towards Waheguru. When choosing Sikh Blessings we will invest into charities and causes using your contribution of £21 or more. We believe that supporting others is important and will enhance the blessings received. If you’re able to contribute more, we will invest more into charity, and into our website and online admin services and send you a link about where your personal investment was used.

There are many benefits to using our service, these are outlined below:

  • Your Ardaas will be recited by an experienced Giani Ji on your behalf for you to listen to
  • Your Ardaas remains private or you can share with others if you prefer
  • You can listen to your Ardaas whenever you feel the need to focus on the blessings you need from Waheguru
  • You can use the Ardaas recording to help you recite Ardaas going forward
  • You can request an Ardaas as a gift for someone else e.g. on their birthday
  • An Ardaas is the perfect way to let someone know they’re in your prayers
  • If you cannot reach the Gurdwara but want to do Ardaas in front of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji our service meets your needs
  • If you want an Ardaas read on a special occasion where a Giani Ji may not be available you could use our service, e.g. visiting a baby in hospital. 

As long as you recite, or listen to Ardaas using your heart your prayers will be heard. With Guru Ji’s Kirpa when you take one step towards Waheguru he will take 1000s towards you and shower you with blessings.

Thank you for reading about our seva (service).

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!


Mental health and Sikhism

Conquer your Mind

Conquer the World.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji

On World Mental Health Day it’s important to consider how religion can help to obtain peace of mind and good mental health. The act of meditation itself is clinically proven to affect the brain’s regulation of stress and anxiety in a positive way as well as lead to improvements in psychological well being. 

Meditation helps you focus and feel relaxed. It’s a common practise for Sikhs, and the most common form of meditation is to do Naam Simran, repeat God’s name; Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru. The goal of meditation is to feel relaxed, obtain inner peace, and connect to your soul / connect to God.

By doing Naam Simran, a level of enlightenment can be reached once you connect with your soul. Some say it’s like your subconsciousness awakening into your consciousness. Meditation can leave you feeling positive as you transcend into a realm of realisation and truth. 

The positivities of reaching a level of enlightment include feeling complete in yourself. You’re able to live a life where you are happy for yourself and thus happy for others. You do not envy those with more than you, nor detest those who are against you. Feeling content in yourself and your realisation of truth over powers all other emotions, and allows you to forward sentiments of peace and prayer to all you meet. In Sikhism we call this state Chardi Kala. 

When Naam Simran enlightens us we realise God abides in all. All humans, all animals, all beauty, all actions, all consequences, all is in His hands. Enlightenment is a true blessing from Waheguru and can take some a few moments of meditation and others a lifetime to obtain. 

Regardless of the level of inner peace you reach when participating in meditation, the impact on the brain of meditation is proven to be clinically positive. Depression has been listed by the World Health Organisation as the leading cause of ill health worldwide and meditation is listed in some research to be as effective, if not more effective than anti depressant medication.

If you’re suffering with mental health issues and depression, a good place to start would be to visit your local Gurdwara and sit in the presence of Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Take in your surroundings and focus on Guru Ji. Breath in and out and repeat Waheguru Naam Simran in your mind or even better aloud. You can repeat an Ardaas or any prayer in the presence of Guru Ji to receive blessings.  Repeat your visits to the Gurdwara or perform Naam Simran at home to receive the blessings of Waheguru and obtain inner peace.

Alternatively the Sikh Blessings Giani Ji can perform an Ardaas for you, which you can listen to at the Gurdwara or at home. The idea of this prayer is to feel at peace and at ease, helping you to take one step towards Guru Ji and receive his blessings. We know mental health is hard to discuss, and you may not want to talk about it face to face with someone at the Gurdwara. Our Ardaas service is confidential, efficient and inclusive of all.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

‘Sikh Blessings’ a new Sikh Service offering the Power of Prayer

A new and unique online Sikh prayer service has launched offering the Power of Prayer on a digital platform. Sikh Blessings enables an individual to request a personalised Sikh Ardaas prayer for themselves or for their loved ones. The Ardaas is read by a Giani in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji before being sent via email or Whatsapp. 

There are many reasons why somebody may choose Sikh Blessings for an Ardaas in between their regular trips to the Gurdwara. The convenient service allows for an Ardaas to be read for all celebrations and circumstances. In addition to other media, TV and Sikh radio services, Sikh Blessings meets the needs of Sangat who cannot fulfil their religious needs in the traditional way.

An investment of £11 is given in return for an Ardaas prayer and the service contributes to various charities and causes remaining true to it’s values: Pray, Work, Give – the three key principles of Sikhism.

Sumanjeet Kaur launched the site after receiving a digital Ardaas for her baby girl who was born 2 months premature. “When I received the Ardaas for Khivi, it gave me peace of mind that Waheguru was helping her to get stronger and stronger each day. I realised a personalised Ardaas was important for anyone who cannot get to the Gurdwara. I felt there may be others with the same need, and inspired by the strength of my daughter I decided to start Sikh Blessings. 

Supporting charities close to our heart is hugely important to us. If we can give back and support others we believe Waheguru will bless our service and those who use it. We know transparency is important at Sikh Blessings and this will be a priority once the service gains momentum.” 

If you would like an Ardaas read and sent to you because you cannot go to the Gurdwara, you want a convenient service, your Ardaas is too personal to request face to face or because you want to send it to a loved one on their birthday or time of need, reach out to the team at Sikh Blessings.  Your Ardaas will be respectfully completed and sent to you to listen to and cherish during your times of need and joy.