Our Giani Ji’s / Sikh Priests

Giani Gopal Singh Gill

Giani Ji has travelled the world in his mission to serve the Sikh community in the provision of pastoral care and support. For over 30 years he has served as Head Priest in Gurdwaras around the world, and is now based in the Birmingham suburbs, UK.

In addition to the duties of Head Priest; in more recent years Giani Ji has focussed on his forte, delivering Kirtan programmes. For many years he performed alongside his sons, who now work in Finance and Medicine.

Giani Ji has extended his support outside the Gurdwara to local communities. This includes providing Sikh chaplaincy services in prisons and hospitals, serving a multitude of needs.

Giani Ji enjoys teaching young people Kirtan on a weekly basis. In his spare time he enjoys watching cricket and spending time with his grandchildren.