Our Ethos and Journey

Sikh Blessings will incorporate the three key Sikh values in all we do: Pray, Work, Give.

1. Pray = Naam Japna – Meditate and remember God in all you do:

We will support you to pray and to remember God, providing you or your loved ones with an Ardaas prayer you can listen to with your request or thanks to Waheguru included by our experienced and dedicated Giani Ji.

2. Work = Kirat Karni – Word hard and earn an honest, decent living:

Our team will work hard to ensure that you receive a high quality service and Ardaas prayer you can cherish always.

3. Give = Vand Chakna – Support charities, share and give to others in need:

We will give to Sikh charities close to our heart. We want to support others on our journey and help them to make a difference. We are here for your individual fundraising causes too, so please get in touch if you need our help.

Launched by Sumanjeet Kaur in 2019 while she was on Maternity leave, Sikh Blessings is a platform to request Ardaas in a convenient way in between your regular visits to the Gurdwara.

Sumanjeet started Sikh Blessings after the birth of her daughter, Khivi, who was born premature. Khivi spent several weeks in neonatal care and was unable to leave the hospital special care unit. Sumanjeet realised she wanted an Ardaas prayer for Khivi to listen to for good health and the strength to go home. That’s when the idea of creating an online Ardaas service was born.

Sumanjeet has been on a journey blending her marketing, communication and media skills over the past decade with her identity as a Sikh woman. Sumanjeet has worked at Sikh Channel meeting Sangat from across the UK and Europe. In recent years she has attended Basics of Sikhi camps and enjoys attending lectures, Katha and Kirtan programmes.

Sumanjeet hopes this online service not only supports the Sikh population to access the power of prayer, but allows her to continue supporting charities that matter most to her. Sumanjeet believes in quality and will be working hard to achieve a high quality service for the Sangat to use on all occasions for themselves and for those they care about. Sikh Blessings will incorporate the key Sikh values every step of the way: Pray, Work, Give.

Sikh Blessings encourages all Sangat to learn and perform Ardaas infront of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Our service is available as an alternative to use in between regular visits to the Gurdwara and we thank all Sangat for their support and understanding of our Sewa (Service).

Help us on our journey

We value your feedback and your suggestions. It’s hard to get things right and we apologise for any mistakes we make. If you have any feedback that can help us, or any encouraging thoughts, please let us know!